Kearny High Alumni Association Board of Directors

President, Dayna Elliott (’65)

Vice President, Olivia Beniquez

Treasurer, Linda (Irvin) Shannon (’62)

Secretary, Ginger Chasteene (’80)

Kearny Alumni Association Mission Statement

The purpose of the Kearny High School Alumni Association is to create and nurture a lifelong relationship between the school and its alumni.

The alumni association strives to accomplish this purpose through a variety of actions, events, services, and communications.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere which promotes positive feelings and interactions between the school, alumni, and friends.

Kearny Alumni Association Specific Goals

  • Promote ongoing friendship among former attendees, graduates, past and present faculty and staff of Kearny High School and their friends.
  • Promote and encourage alumni and community financial support.
  • Maintain ongoing database which ensures accurate address and file information for alumni.
  • The publishing of a quarterly newsletter which provides information pertaining to school and association events and accomplishments, class reunions, historical information, human interest items, new membership listing, etc.
  • Promote and recognize achievements or contribution benefiting Kearny High School or the alumni association.

Kearny Alumni Association Future Plans

  • Assistance with restoration of the school
  • Compilation and publication of an alumni directory
  • Further involvement with College and Career readiness
  • Mentoring
  • Establish and maintain scholarship fund
  • Further develop and maintain the association’s product line
  • Promote and encourage participation at Homecoming events

The Kearny High Alumni Association is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, ID number 33-0722695.