Kearny JROTC

By Christina Tran (Class of 2020)

former Executive Officer (Staff Supervisor) with the rank of cadet Major

Being an active Battalion Staff member within Kearny’s JROTC program has provided me with the opportunity to reach my greatest leadership potential and to become the best version of myself. The largely student-run structure of the program allowed me to figure out what I was capable of accomplishing through hands-on programming experience. I learned how to effectively communicate and collaborate with others to reach a common goal, whether that be through planning fun events, award ceremonies that celebrate our cadets, or welcoming incoming students to our campus through orienteering. Another valuable skill I learned was reflection, as demonstrated through my engagement in brainstorming ways that the unit could improve day-to-day operations and morale during Command in Staff briefings or how planning could be smoother in After Action Reports. Furthermore, I grew to appreciate mentorship, both from more senior members of the cadet command and from the Army Instructors. I also gained a sense of belonging within a warm, tight, and close-knit community that I felt I could rely on when I was struggling. The positive experience I had with mentorship has inspired me to become a Peer Mentor through UC San Diego’s OASIS Summer Bridge Program. The collaborative and reflective programming skills I learned as a cadet have translated into this role, as I am responsible for mentoring a cohort of  students, maintaining administrative records, communicating with other Peer Mentors and Professional Staff. 

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