Memorabilia Needed

Take those letter jackets and cheerleader outfits out of mothballs!! Kearny Principal Ana Diaz-Booz has made a special request from Kearny alumni. She has created a Kearny memorabilia haven in the high school’s main office. Trophies, signs, and sports clothing adorn the walls in an area that looks more like a living room (comfy and warm) than a sterile high school office.


Principal Ana is asking for donations or loans of any Kearny memorabilia to display as part of Kearny’s history. She promises that items will be well taken care of, displayed in shadow box type frames, and items will not be handled after being placed on display or until returned to the original owner or placed in storage if donated.

Please contact Principal Ana Diaz-Booz at Kearny (858) 496-8370 for further information. Thanks in advance to everyone for contributing. Go Komets!!

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